There is Only One Pirate

For the 2019 GMTK Game Jam, a couple of friends and I produced Greedy Pirates: a short whimsical puzzley platformer revolving around the idea that there is "only one" pirate.

By the completion of development, this concept has manifested itself in two distinct ways:

  1. You control all of the pirates with one set of controls.
  2. Only one of the pirates can win each level.

You can download the game from our website or play it directly in the browser from the Greedy Pirates game page. (It's free.)

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Maven: The Un-Scene

The new project "Maven" is underway in conjunction with Freedan Studios. A short is available for play here on the site. Check it out!

An Altered Course 1.01

An update for An Altered Course has been released. Only minor changes have been made.

An Altered Course Released

After a year of development and an additional six months of holding, An Altered Course is now open to the public.

An Altered Course was created to tell a story in a method more people would hear than in a book. Since it is the first game to be created by SoloVid, there are many ways in which An Altered Course is inferior to other games. This fact is also due in large part to the small number of people who worked on the game. As of its release now, An Altered Course is still not as good as it could be; but this is the best we have to give and pray the LORD be glorified in it.

Unlike most other RPGs, An Altered Course does not used a fight system to enhance its gameplay. Instead, the game caters to puzzle-game fans. Beginning with simple mazes, the puzzles slowly become more complex as the player encounters new types of terrain and uncovers new abilities.

You may find the download link on the page below.

Epic Age

This is a small game I made in a very little amount of time. It is an off-shoot of PathFinder. This game is intended for one of my best friends' birthday August 21. It isn't much, but I wanted to do something for him extra special. I didn't just want to do the whole thing of buying a gift that doesn't really benefit the person. So, if you play this, keep in mind that it is not meant to be much, especially considering the time I was able to put into it. Also, the title is intentionally cliche. "" is the newest. Be warned that the green guy crashes the game.