This Week .2

Though I missed one week of blog, you are in luck because this week you get TWO UPDATES FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!!!

Our composer Michael Shawn Carbaugh II has a VLOG to accompany a song he has written. The content that follows is from his blog post.
Hey y'all! 
     As you know (or will be informed in the next phrase), I'm scoring for a video game we are currently calling Project Maven (see previous post). This is a little news that I thought would be interesting--especially to you that are in to music, technology, or music technology. This is some work I did in order to complete the attached piece of music that is tentatively the credit song for our video game. I used two custom sample libraries that took a long time to craft. This video is a little bit about that process. It took literally about 10 or so hours to create the two libraries, but I think the piece "turned" out quite well (see it's funny 'cause it's a pun*)

Hope to talk soon!
-Michael Shawn

*If you're not good with puns check out the name of the piece.

To TriTone or not to TriTone (in this case, to TriTone)

We got our first awesome piece of music from Michael Shawn Carbaugh the Second. Check it out!

Three Months

It has now been three months since the last post was made here on SoloVid's website. For anyone who may be reading this, this update ought to give an idea of where SoloVid is and has been for the past three months.

Although "PathFinder" is, in a sense, complete, the LORD has seen fit to prevent testing from progressing--at the very least for the time being. So, I am waiting on the LORD's plan and His time just as anyone else who may be interested is waiting on SoloVid. "PathFinder" may never be released for all I know, but I pray that the LORD be glorified in whatever the outcome may be.

There has been some music written in the past three months, however. Here is a song hopefully some of you may enjoy. It bothers me that most of this music has a sad vibe, but hopefully that won't be all there is to music here.

Dragons and Flowers

Last Song

This song probably concludes the OST for the game heretofore entitled "PathFinder." A large portion of the soundtrack is not original as it is default music on RPG Toolkit.

In other news, the game has now moved on to beta phase.


Night's Fading Rays

Check out other songs by SoloVid in the music section of the website.

Music Box

Most recently in the world of SoloVid is more composition of music. Here are two of the newest additions. These songs and others may be found in the music section of the website.

The Hollow Way

Composed with Finale SongWriter.