More Planning

We might have two new team members on board for Maven. That's an answer to prayer. One of the two being a story-er, I have been working to compile a well organized system of all notes on Maven's story-line. In addition to the implementation of the story through JourNotes, I also made a hover-over-the-place-and-see-about-it interactive map to solidify a spatial awareness of the game. Although I cannot show any of the JourNotes stuff (since it is the story), I can show a little bit of the interactive map (unfortunately, I don't have a demo version with story content edited out available).
N.B. These are graphics from RPG Maker used for planning purposes, not the actual game graphics.

Two Shifts of View

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Hey, Look!

On the graphical side of things, Freedan Studios has whipped up this fancy-shmancy artwork.

Spot the Difference

"But I've seen this already!!!" Look again. There are three major progress updates in this alpha screenshot, two of which transpired in the last week.

So, somehow I missed the Saturday evening reminder to post on here, but I seem to be getting into this Sunday afternoon posting habit.

Question of the day: What is your life worth?
I've just been thinking recently about the high value I place on my own life when Jesus said, "If anyone comes to me and does not hate...their own life--such a person cannot be my disciple," (Luke 14:26) and, "Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends" (John 15:13). I want to say I would give up my life for Christ, but I don't know if I would. This song captures my heart's attitude well: 

6 Months Later...

It has been far too long since the last post I made on SoloVid. First of all, yes, we are still working on Maven. The last six months have been busy, and it has been hard to find time or motivation to work on this project.

However, in the last few weeks, we have been making some substantial progress. In the screenshot below you will see two features of late: a local file save system (We went from 0 to 21 files in a couple of days. Technically, the saving part of this system is not implemented yet because the in-game menu is not yet available.), and a much-improved cursor map system in which the cursor will navigate two-dimensionally from point to point based on direction while the points are listed linearly in what may be an unordered array.
More features and graphics are in the works. Check back next Saturday evening for the next post (I have set a reminder on my iPhone now) to see how Maven is coming. We would love to hear comments on anything going on here at SoloVid.

It is hard in all of this work to remember the reason for our labor is that God be glorified. My prayer is that God be glorified regardless of our success or failure, and He will be.


Those stairs don't look usable anymore...

Code Load

New load-by-code system and user input system. (Note: not a valid code.)
Because of the fickle-ness of file save systems with the current engine for RPG Toolkit, a code system is now in place to be used to save progress. A given code consists of 4 6-digit numbers and 1 literal string of variable length. Alternately the player will have the option to use a file save system, but it is not guaranteed to work on all configurations.

Also depicted here is the new-found custom user input system. Before, the player would be unable to see his typing as he typed, and so a couple testers were duly confused. Now, the player can actively see his typing, and the system matches the custom message window design.

Concept Art

Concept Title Screen


Pictured here is just another stage created recently. It took forever because of the trees existing on three layers to allow overlap of trees and player underneath. Also featured here is the first character (after PathFinder) to have a complete set of walking animations for all directions. This also took a good deal of time because artistry is not my strong point.

Items Sequuntur

The chest is probably empty...or is it?

Although the system for picking up items (pictured above) has been in place for some time now, development is currently focused on working with this system. Items and their sequences are in the process of being invented and implemented into this system and others (sprite's dialogue programs). In the process, limitations are being realized and solutions are a must. Code is overload for the time being with items and dialogue. Hopefully, you reading this are aware that this project is only happening because of the grace of the living Son of God (you may read more in the about section of the website). May His Name be glorified.