An Altered Course is a puzzle RPG which follows the story of a small being created to pathfind. Its style is largely modeled after Golden Sun.

Unlike most other RPGs, An Altered Course does not use a fight system to enhance its gameplay. Instead, the game caters to puzzle-game fans. Beginning with simple mazes, the puzzles slowly become more complex as the player encounters new types of terrain and uncovers new abilities.

Although not exactly calculated, An Altered Course is several hours long.

An Altered Course was developed using RPG Toolkit.

Previously, An Altered Course had been known as PathFinder.

Download (.exe) Alternate Download (RPGToolkit project)

There are a couple oddities about the game that should be noted:
1. AAC is totally keyboard controlled. Using the mouse will do nothing in the game.
2. AAC, being an indie game, may spring unexplained errors such as the one seen to the right. If one of these comes up, simply press ignore and attempt to move on.
3. AAC is a Windows PC game. It will not run on Apple or Android systems.
4. Spotify (and potentially other programs) may prevent the game from running if they are also running.
5. Game will freeze if computer is allowed to sleep.
6. Contact SoloVid if other problems arise.